search   trial contact fund disease sponsor   home who are we? viagra online Why register? cheap viagra online Signup for registration online registration log in to register your trial search a trial nrt en ccmo contact nederlands metaregister van cct (uk) isrctn-register van cct (uk) rna-dc vaccination in multiple myeloma. buy viagra on line - candidate number 2807 - ntr number ntr1086 - isrctn isrctn wordt niet meer aangevraagd - date isrctn created - date isrctn requested - date registered ntr 15-okt-2007 - secondary ids pmm17 trialcoördinatie data centrum van de afdeling hematologie - public title rna-dc vaccination in multiple myeloma. buy cheap viagra in the uk - scientific title vaccination of multiple myeloma patients with rna electroporated mature dendritic cells expressing multiple tumor antigens. when will a generic version of viagra be available - acronym n/a - hypothesis the primary goal is to show the capability of monocyte-derived dc after rna electroporation for multiple antigens to induce an immune response. lilly viagra professional The secondary objective is to show clinical response. - healt condition(s) or problem(s) studied multiple myeloma (kahler's disease), vaccines, immune therapy, minimal residual disease - inclusion criteria 1. Much does viagra cost dubai Age 18-70 years; 2. Patients with stage ii and iii mm; 3. viagra without a doctor prescription Complete remission (cr) or partial response (pr) following intensive therapy, including high dose melphalan and autologous stem cell transplantation; 4. buy generic viagra Measurable minimal residual disease by m-component (complete of light chain) or molecular disease by bm ig heavy chain rearrangement (aso-pcr); 5. viagra online Myeloma cells expressing 2-3 of the 3 taa used for vaccination, each in >20% of cd138+cd38++ plasma cells; 6. Interval of >6 months after completion of intensive chemotherapy; 7. buy cheap viagra Life expectancy >6 months; 8. Expected adequacy for follow-up including bone marrow evaluation; 9. Written informed consent. - exclusion criteria 1. Progressive disease (increase in m-component of >25% in the last 3 months); 2. Patients on immunosuppressive drugs; 3. Patients with active infections (viral, bacterial or fungal) that requires specific therapy; 4. Viagra 50mg and 100mg Acute therapy must have been completed within 14 days prior to study treatment; 5. viagra pills available in india Patients with known allergy to shell fish (contains klh); 6. taking half a viagra pill Patients with pregnancy or lactation; 7. viagra for sale Who performance status 4; 8. taking half a viagra pill Allogeneic stem cell transplantation. - mec approval received yes - multicenter trial no - randomised no - group factorial - type single arm - studytype intervention - planned startdate 1-nov-2007 - planned closingdate 1-nov-2009 - target number of participants 12 - interventions patients monocytes will collected by apheresis. Patients will be vaccinated intravenous and intradermal at 4 occasions with 2 weeks interval. Monitoring will be done for toxicity, immune response and minimal residual disease. viagra shipped from usa - primary outcome in vivo immune response to the tumor associated antigen epitopes in at least 3 out of 10 patients will be considered as a positive result. viagra online No response to any of. Viagra 100mg or 50mg cheap viagra
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